• Can be installed anywhere
    Intermidiate floors

It can be installed anywhere

Cellulose can easily be installed in your entire home!

Work is achieved promptly and can be done in new construction as well as during renovations, because there is no need to open the walls.

Our cellulose can be easily installed in closed walls
You only need a void of at least 3 inches. Your installer has various application processes to achieve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the entire envelope of your home.

Blown in attics
Thermovent air deflectors are installed to ensure good ventilation of the soffits and to prevent cellulose discharge into cornices. The Thermovent device is stapled to the flange of runner to prevent any risk of creating a thermal bridge. The installer also makes sure that recessed light fixtures and chimney flues are isolated from any direct contact with cellulose. The installer inserts loose cellulose in a carding machine to separate the fibres and then passes them through the blower, which adds air to it. The inflated fibre is then blown using a hose in the attic and with constant thickness, so as to fill the slightest gaps.

Blown-in or injected in interior and exterior walls, floors, ceilings, intermediate floors and sloped cavities
In an old residence, cellulose is injected in small 2-inch diameter holes drilled in the walls. Plugs are installed to cover the holes before the finishing process on walls.
In a new residence, injection is performed through a hole drilled in a woven vapor barrier membrane which is stapled to the wall structure that is still open. The hole is resealed with a self adhesive tape before installing the gypsum panels.

Sprayed in a stabilized form on inclined ceilings (IWS)
Cellulose fibre is spray-applied in a damp state to adhere to inclined surfaces.

  • Stabilizes the cellulose to avoid it from moving easily under draughts
  • Type II system for potential installation on slopes of more than 4.5/12
  • Increases productivity during installation with a normal coating
  • Removes 60 to 80% of cellulose dust
  • Easy system for electrical and/or gas machines, 365 days per year

In attics, our cellulose can be added to an insulator already in place.
If your attic contains insulation which deteriorated over time, (loss of thickness, of material or creation of voids), your installer will be able to blow the cellulose over the insulator in place. He will add the necessary amount in thickness in order to obtain the desired coating and the fibres will fill the voids, eliminating air pockets.

Cellulose makes it possible to insulate any type of construction, new or existing

High-performing in all seasons

With our cellulose, you'll benefit from optimal thermal insulation, in the winter as well as in the summer!

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Solves your noise issues

Our cellulose is an efficient acoustic insulator for all lifestyles and all types of homes

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Allows substantial energy savings

By insulating with our cellulose, you are sure to make an investment that will quickly pay for itself

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Insulation at low cost

With Igloo cellulose, you'll get high-performing insulation at a lower cost!

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Natural and eco-friendly

With Igloo cellulose, you are making a beneficial, healthy and green choice!

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Delays the spread of fire

Because every second counts, our cellulose gives you more time to evacuate in case of a fire

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It doesn't sag!

Cellulose blown in walls using our Igloo 360HD™ system does not sag, even at the time of installation

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Resistant to all attacks

Our cellulose is designed to protect you and protect itself! A 100% natural product with many qualities

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It can be installed anywhere

Cellulose can easily be installed in your entire home! Attics, walls and floors.

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Approved installers

Get maximum performance from professional installation

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Aid programs and tax credits

Save even more
by choosing cellulose!

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A thermal / acoustic insulator all in one!

Why choose? With our cellulose, you get both into a single product!

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We're helping the world, one bag of cellulose at a time!