• A thermal and
    acoustic insulator
    all in one!

A thermal and acoustic insulator all in one!

Insulate against cold or noise?
Why choose? With our cellulose, you get both into a single product!

When deciding to improve your insulation or build a new house, it is sometimes hard to decide where to install the various types of insulators depending on the benefits they provide. The choice can sometimes be difficult.

With our cellulose, for the cost of only one insulation and done in a single application, you can benefit from an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Whether you are renovating or building a new house, cellulose is the ideal choice of insulation. Applicable on the entire envelope of the building, it is affordable and makes an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator which is environmentally-friendly.

With cellulose, get zenitude and comfort in all seasons.

High-performing in all seasons

With our cellulose, you'll benefit from optimal thermal insulation, in the winter as well as in the summer!

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Solves your noise issues

Our cellulose is an efficient acoustic insulator for all lifestyles and all types of homes

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Allows substantial energy savings

By insulating with our cellulose, you are sure to make an investment that will quickly pay for itself

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Insulation at low cost

With Igloo cellulose, you'll get high-performing insulation at a lower cost!

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Natural and eco-friendly

With Igloo cellulose, you are making a beneficial, healthy and green choice!

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Delays the spread of fire

Because every second counts, our cellulose gives you more time to evacuate in case of a fire

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It doesn't sag!

Cellulose blown in walls using our Igloo 360HD™ system does not sag, even at the time of installation

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Resistant to all attacks

Our cellulose is designed to protect you and protect itself! A 100% natural product with many qualities

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It can be installed anywhere

Cellulose can easily be installed in your entire home! Attics, walls and floors.

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Approved installers

Get maximum performance from professional installation

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Aid programs and tax credits

Save even more
by choosing cellulose!

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A thermal / acoustic insulator all in one!

Why choose? With our cellulose, you get both into a single product!

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We're helping the world, one bag of cellulose at a time!