About us

Our mission

"Improve the energy efficiency and comfort of human housing within an environmental sensitivity by transforming and recycling newspaper into high-quality cellulose insulation to be applied in houses and buildings."

In business for almost 40 years
Igloo Cellulose was thus founded in 1978. Being also pioneers in the field back then, we relied on research and development as well as on the optimization and refinement of the production processes in order to produce a high-end product that is efficient, safe and in line with our environmental imperatives.

We promote innovation
We opened our own research center in 2007 in order to continuously improve the quality of our product and develop new application techniques. Our product has therefore surpassed the highest international standards, as much in the field of manufacturing as in safety standards, thereby we are proud to have obtained the GREENGUARD Gold certification as well as ISO 9001certification.

Our commitment to always do what's best for you
We will never stop promoting the use of reliable technologies and processes in the efficient application of cellulose in order to ensure maximum thermal insulation of building envelopes exposed to extreme weather conditions.
We are proud to have become one of Canada's leaders as well as internationally in cellulose manufacture. Our products are also exported to the United States.


Our product

Igloo cellulose has all the qualities

Eco-friendly and clean

  • Consists of 85% recycled newspaper and 15% natural, non-toxic products
  • Easily installed without any toxic fumes or VOC emissions
  • Does not contain ammonium sulphate


  • Offers excellent thermal resistance with an R-value of 3.7 per inch
  • Provides possible substantial savings on your energy bill
  • Creates a solid barrier by enclosing even pipes and wires
  • Retains 100% of its insulating ability in conditions of extreme cold weather, unlike other insulators
  • Excellent sound insulator, capable of absorbing high frequencies of 200 to 2,000 hertz


  • The best cost/efficiency ratio of all insulation materials
  • Contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of your building


  • The addition of boron salt and its pH-neutral formulation gives it anti-corrosive, anti-mold and anti-vermin properties.


  • Does not ignite and delays the spread of fire
  • More fire-resistant than most other types of insulation

Stable and sustainable

  • Once stabilized, it will not sag and will retain its insulating properties through the life of the building


  • The Igloo 360HDTM blow-in system increases the density and compaction of cellulose to optimize its thermal and acoustic performances